College1When a high school student embarks upon their search for the “right college,” they begin a year of self-discovery, values clarification, and goal setting. By taking the time to help our clients think carefully about who they are and what they most want from their college experience, this becomes not just about “getting in” but about learning how to make an important decision, how to evaluate options, and how to manage a lengthy, multi-step process.  We work closely with each student through their college search and application process in the way that best supports their learning style and abilities to help them to identify those colleges that are the right matches for them; where they will not only be accepted, but where they will thrive.

Our consultants are engaged in every step of the process, providing expert guidance founded in years of experience. We spend a lot of time visiting campuses and are eager to share our knowledge of hundreds of colleges and universities – information that can help each student make well-informed choices and ultimately find the best possible match.

For a flat fee, Matlack Educational Consulting provides:

  • An in-depth interview with the student and family to assess educational and personal goals
  • Administration and interpretation of a personality and career interest inventory
  • Development and on-going revision of college list to match for student’s interests, abilities, and goals
  • Development of a time line for the application process
  • Guidance with standardized test planning
  • Preparation for, and insight into, effective college visits and interviews
  • Help with creating a personal resume that will serve several different functions throughout the process and will be included in the application where appropriate.
  • Guidance with all stages of the writing of the personal statement (aka “the college essay) from brainstorm through final draft, focusing on developing a narrative voice that tells a compelling story and demonstrates the student’s writing skills.
  • Assistance with application so that the final piece highlights the applicant’s strengths and achievements.
  • All college clients are given a personalized account in College Planner Pro, a web-based college search and application tool that helps students to organize their application materials and manage their college process while also providing college data and research tools.
  • Regular communication with students and parents throughout the application process

We maintain an extensive network of professionals so that our clients can have access to the very best evaluators, test prep professionals, tutors, mental health services, and other ancillary professionals.