Information for Prospective Independent School Clients

For some families, the process of finding an appropriate independent school placement for their child can be daunting.  As consultants, we spend about 20% of our time visiting schools and have a very thorough and current understanding of what different schools have to offer.  By understanding the needs of our clients, we are able to suggest schools that we feel are the right match.  At each stage of the search and application process we are in contact with our clients, answering questions, assisting with interview preparation, giving suggestions on application completion, and serving as a liaison between the family and the school.  Our foremost goal is to make this process as successful and rewarding as it can be.

While there is no specific time to start the school search and application process, beginning in September of the year before your child plans to enroll at a new school is advisable. To be done well, this process takes time, thought, and energy and allowing enough time relieves some of the pressure that families might feel and provides enough time for good decisions to be made.

It is not uncommon for children to be anxious about changing schools.  It often means leaving friends, teachers, and routines that they enjoy.  However, visiting a few schools and discussing with your child how they might be quite happy at a different school is a good place to start.

To understand each child’s unique profile, we carefully read through transcripts, teacher evaluations, and any educational and psychological testing that has been done.  If necessary, and with the family’s permission, we will contact the student’s teachers, tutors, and/or therapists to gain a fuller understanding of the student. If deemed appropriate, we will recommend that a family have further testing or evaluations done.

This is a very common misconception.  While rumors abound, rarely have we found that a good connection is what gained a child admission to a selective school.  Above all, schools enroll students who will thrive academically, socially, and emotionally in their program and it is the strength of the child’s application on which admission decisions are made.

We are members of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), a national organization of more than 800 consultants that holds us to high ethical and professional standards.  We are also members of various school associations including SSATB have several college and university associations.

Of course!  We encourage everyone who is interested in learning more about our services to call us.  During that conversation we will answer any questions you may have, describe the range of services that we offer, and learn a about your child.  At that point, interested families are invited to set up an initial meeting with us during which we will conduct an in-depth interview with the parents and the child.